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The latest technology

Fortunately, most foot and ankle problems can be treated without surgical intervention. The correct diagnosis is essential and will be achieved by Mr Klinke taking the full history of problems and a thorough physical examination of the foot and ankle. Furthermore, imaging techniques like x-ray, standing CT scan, MRI scan or ultrasound scan will be arranged to receive all relevant information. Gait analysis by the podiatrist will help to gain further important information. Once the diagnosis is confirmed the results and the treatment options will be discussed with the patient. In most cases non-surgical treatment will be initiated. This may include physiotherapy by a dedicated physiotherapist, assessment of footwear and possibly prescription of insoles by a podiatrist, an ultrasound-guided injection or extracorporeal shockwave treatment.

Only those few patients whose problem can only be resolved by surgery will undergo an operation. Mr Klinke’s experience and interest in new technologies will guarantee that the best surgical technique will be applied to make sure that recovery is successful and quick.

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