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Foot & Ankle Specialist London

I am a full time Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the London Foot & Ankle Centre and London Bridge Orthopaedics. I perform the whole spectrum of reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.
Martin Klinke
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To support you during this time, Martin Klinke is available for phone or video consultations. In the majority of instances costs will be covered by your insurer. Contact us for more details.

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A leader in his field

With over 15 years of experience as consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialised in foot and ankle problems he can treat the entire spectrum of forefoot, mid-and hind-foot problems as well as any ankle pathologies. His interest in new developments guarantees that the best surgical techniques are applied.
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The latest technology and non-invasive techniques

Most foot and ankle problems can be treated without surgical intervention. The correct diagnosis is essential and will be achieved by Mr Klinke taking the full history of problems and a thorough physical examination of the foot and ankle. Furthermore, imaging techniques like x-ray, standing CT scan, MRI scan or ultrasound scan will be arranged to receive all relevant information.
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Mr Martin Klinke is now available for appointments at leading London foot and ankle clinics

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A safe, trustworthy Foot Surgeon in London

Martin Klinke is a leading foot surgeon in London, specialising in both modern techniques and steadfast traditional methods that can help a variety of different issues that concern foot and joint pains. If you’re in need of a London foot specialist or would like to talk to one of the leading foot surgeons London, book an appointment now.

A leading London Ankle Specialist

Being a premier ankle specialist London, Martin Klinke is experienced in dealing with a variety of different foot ailments. Contact us today to discuss your ankle issues and what we can do to solve them.
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