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Sports Injuries to the foot

As for the ankle, sports activities make you more prone to develop an overuse problem or an acute injury to the foot. Precautions are crucial but cannot always prevent an injury. In the foot there are multiple joints, tendons and bones that are at risk of being injured and some are very typical for a certain sports activity.

Feet are complex structures but with the help of a thorough clinical examination and high-quality imaging as well as the input of podiatry we are able to treat successfully all sports-related injuries and achieve the quickest recovery possible. Working with a dedicated team of physiotherapists and radiologists enables us to help athletes to regain full strength and power in minimum time.

Treatment for Sports Injuries to the foot

Depending on the severity of the injury and the time elapsed since the trauma treatment may vary significantly. It is crucial to diagnose the problem promptly to start the correct treatment immediately. Imaging is paramount and working closely with expert musculoskeletal radiologist will guarantee successful recovery. Certain injuries may need operative treatment which can be arrange timely but most sports injuries will heel with the input of good physiotherapy and some protection around the ankle for a limited amount of time.

Whichever treatment needed, we will always focus on speedy recovery to regain full function of the ankle and foot.

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