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Stop Living With Your Pain. Find A Foot And Ankle Specialist In London.

From Achilles tendon ruptures to shin splints–and everything in between–there’s no escaping the damage foot-related issues inflict upon your overall health, wellness, and quality of life.

There are instances where injuries are so catastrophic that specialised care is your only option. However, other situations arise in which finding a foot and ankle specialist isn’t a straightforward decision. Many should-be patients often tell themselves that they can “tough it out” because they fear the worst from potential treatments.

Indeed, minor tweaks, strains, and pulls can be overcome with some straightforward conservative treatment.  

Yet, bearable heel or ankle pain can persist and fester into something more debilitating. So, you owe it to yourself to visit a leading foot and ankle clinic–even when the issue doesn’t seem severe. You deserve to live pain-free and not be forced to “tough it out.”

Visit A Foot And Ankle Clinic To Prevent Or Offset Long-Term Issues

Foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, go beyond the physical toll you experience. These issues cause emotional turmoil and weigh heavily on your mental health.

Furthermore, the physical toll you pay when dealing with a foot-centric injury or chronic pain goes beyond your feet. This discomfort you experience frequently leads to postural changes and adjustments in how you walk. As a result of these compensations, you can change all your trigger points and transfer physical burdens to areas like your knees, hips, and lower back.

You may have gone through a traumatic foot injury, like an ankle fracture, and recovered just enough to continue on with your daily life, but some pains and aches never gone away.

In the above instance, if you choose to “tough it out” and not seek an expert’s opinion, you might never fully recover from that injury because you never made the necessary correction. A foot and ankle specialist can provide the medical council and treatments to move on from the fracture without further damaging your psyche or body.

The same notion applies to chronic issues like an arthritic ankle or bunions that develop over time and aren’t caused by one specific incident. An appointment at a highly respected foot and ankle clinic can be the first step to mitigating these issues and getting your life back.

Work With A Foot And Ankle Specialist Who Offers Personalised Care

Whether it’s a common condition like bunions and ankle sprains to more unique problems like flat feet or tendinopathies, foot and ankle issues run the gamut in severity and root causes. These conditions must be dealt with case-by-case by experts familiar with various diagnostic techniques to get to the bottom of a patient’s foot or ankle ailment.

Two patients with similar symptoms might require different treatments. Two patients could present different symptoms but suffer from the same issue. It takes an expert eye to assess the circumstances from all angles to correctly and promptly diagnose before providing potential solutions.

Mr Martin Klinke is a leading foot and ankle specialist in London. He provides highly personalised, patient-specific care and dedicates his vast skill set to successfully treating your foot-related ailment.

Why Choose MR Martin Klinke As Your Foot And Ankle Specialist?

With two decades of experience, Mr Klinke has been a member of the London Foot and Ankle Centre–the most highly-reputed centre of its kind–since 2004. Currently, he is the senior orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at London Bridge Hospital, having begun as a full-time private foot and ankle surgeon there in 2008.

Specialising in the entire spectrum of ankle and foot pathologies, Mr Klinke performs all reconstructive foot/ankle surgeries. Although he deals with complex ankle and hindfoot pathologies like arthritis of the ankle/subtalar joint and severe deformities, he also covers the whole spectrum of sports-related injuries including ligament and tendon ruptures. Mr Klinke also has vast experience in treating all sorts of forefoot problems like bunions, hammertoes Morton’s neuroma and hallux rigidus.

One clear benefit of receiving foot and ankle treatment from Mr Klinke is his belief that surgical intervention isn’t the first course of action.

Instead of looking for reasons for you to go under the knife, Mr Klinke provides a thorough examination of your foot and ankle. He will take a complete history of your problems, and if indicated he will arrange the correct imaging for you like X-rays, ultrasound scans, MRI scans, normal CT scans or a standing full weight bearing CT scan.

As he works closely with a team of foot/ankle interested colleagues you may be referred to a podiatrist and have a thorough biomechanical examination and a gait analysis to compile more information before initiating the correct conservative treatment.

If you want the most thorough, personalised care that leaves no stone unturned in solving your foot or ankle problem, book an appointment with Mr Klinke today!

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