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Treatment ofAnkle sprain

Most of the times good conservative treatment will help to restore full function and stability of the ankle joint. Sometimes an undetected injury not only to the ligaments but to a joint, bone or tendons might be responsible for persistent symptoms and therefore needs further investigation like an MRI scan. Depending on the results and the success of the conservative treatment a small operation to stabilise the ligaments might be needed. Normally the patient’s own ligaments are repaired and this provides good stability. In the rare case of very worn out ligaments, an additional artificial graft can be used to increase the stability of the repair and this will allow restoring good function of the ankle. Postoperatively good rehab is needed and we will work closely with the physiotherapist in charge to ensure the best recovery possible.

Ankle sprain

Ankle sprains occur when ligaments stretch or tear, usually resulting from a sudden twist of the ankle that exceeds the normal range of the joint. Ligaments are strong fibrous tissues that connect the bones and joints together. Almost always the ligaments on the outside of the ankle joint are affected resulting in pain, swelling, bruising and discolouration but sometimes pain can also be felt on the inside of the ankle joint.

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